Wellness coach reveals the secret to fountain of youth like anti aging transformation 

Hi, I’m Karri Da Vinci, Im a wellness coach specializing in breathing normalization.

Im looking for group of people to coach to breath right in order to get radical anti aging transformation though right breathing.

As weird as it sounds at first, correct breathing is actually secret to most powerful anti aging transformation that currently exists.

Heres how.

Basically your cells which your body are made of, are on average only 7-10 years old – no matter what what your age, excluding early childhood.

This is because your body’s cells renew all the time, by creating new cells and having the old cells die off due to apotheosis, so called natural cell death.

This then means that aging that we experience, isn’t actually caused because our physical body cells get too old – because the cells still remain as young as always.

Instead this aging happens because other reasons.

One major reason for aging changes happens due to lack of cellular energy.

As we age our cells start to work worse as we get older due to cells starting to generate less energy and because of this lack of regenerative energy – our bodies starts to degenerate instead of normally regenerating as we get older.

The lack lessening of energy production is made worse by overbreathing.

This because over-breathing actually as weird as it sounds lowers cellular oxygen and thus cellular energy levels.

Now this causes problems because industrialized lifestyles main effect on our bodies is that it causes us to breath more and over time become over breathers.

When you combine aging and natural lessening of energy production in the cells with over breathing you got a critical lack of energy in the cells which lead to significantly more aging and degenerative changes.

Good example how big effect this over breathing has – is the fact that before industrialization when people breathed normally and had high cellular energy levels because of that – they had 90% less degenerative diseases and aging related degenerative issues in old people.

The good thing also about this normal breathing is that once you correct over-breathing and your cells start to get more energy, then because the regenerative nature of your body, your your body goes through radical anti aging transformation that in many ways turns the body’s clock back 20 plus years even.

The benefits are so great that I run a coaching anti aging breathing normalization coaching group.

With breathing normalization one gets more youthful appearance plus also youthful weight, youthful health plus usually even higher energy levels than in youth that combined with shorter amazing sleep and amazing overall wellbeing.

If you would be interested in creating this kind of radical anti aging and wellness transformation and getting younger appearance and better health and even better energy levels than in youth.

Then watch a free video training were I explain the science how breathing too much lowers the cell energy and ages the body and how lowering the automatic breathing volume to normal can create fountain of youth like anti aging transformation.

You can get instant access to the video by clicking the I want this red button where it says  “I Want this” and giving your firs name and email.

You get instant access to the training plus you get my free email newsletter were you get more info about breathing normalization and anti aging that did not fit in to the 35 minute video training. You also get info about other anti aging secrets that are not as quite as good as breathing normalization but since the effect are largely cumulative these secondary secrets are worth to know as well.

Ok that’s it go watch the video training now if interested.


Karri “Da Vinci” Koivula

Breathing normalization coach 

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