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Blueprint How to Fight Cancer and Win using your immune system

In a study made by cancer doctors  using this blueprints method reduced 3 year death rate of a  metastatic cancer from 25% to 0%

Did you know that according to mainstream medicine your immune system already possesses the power to eliminate cancer cells effectively?

Yes, this is absolutely true.

For example the latest edition of the most used medical textbook in medical schools, the famous Dr Guytons Textbook of Medical Physiology says in page 41, that, ” our immune system eliminates large number if not most of the cancers we get” .

This means that our immune systems cures maybe even more cancers than our doctors do.

Now you might think that because our immune system already has the ability to kill cancer cells effectively and already cures maybe even most off the cancers anyway – could we not then use it to fight against cancer, when we have a cancer?

Well we absolutely can.

And doctors know this and are currently developing many different ways to use immune system against cancer cells.

One such method actually even got the Nobel prize of medicine in 2018.

This Nobel prize winning therapy boosts the immune system, so that it then is more likely to start to attacking the cancer cells.

In the future this Nobel prize winning immune boosting cancer therapy may even be able to someday cure most types of cancers.

Unfortunately the practical application of this therapy is still probably at least more than 20 years away.

So you cannot benefit from this Nobel prize winning therapy.

Fortunately doctors have found other ways to use immune system to fight against cancers.

The best such method that I have found is this:

7 years ago I found study in which doctors had two similar groups of metastatic cancer patients who were getting regular treatments.

Then they coached the other group to boost their immune system function using simple new lifestyle method.

After 3 years they compared the death rates of the groups.

The death rate of metastatic cancer patients was 25% for the group that did NOT use this lifestyle method – which is not bad result overall in cancer that’s already metastasized.

However the death rate of the group that USED the new lifestyle method was remarkably 0%.

Meaning that this lifestyle method gave remarkable 100% survival rate even for metastatic cancer patients at least for the short term – making it super useful technique to use in life threatening cancers.

As far as I know this is the best cancer study result ever – there were also no side effects with this lifestyle method, plus it even reduced the side effects of regular treatments significantly.

I was so impressed by this study result, that I spent the next 7 years becoming an expert in this lifestyle method.

My dream was to teach doctors how to coach this method to their patients – but I found out that doctors don’t simple have the time to coach this method, because they are so busy with they regular work.

To solve the issue I started to coach people myself worldwide online how to use this method.

Helping the world to get faster to the point when cancer turns from second biggest killer that it is currently, to non life threatening issue.

I have a free training webinar for you to watch about this method if you are interested.

Its about 30 minute long.

It tells you how it works – why its different than anything else – and how you could best benefit from it.

You can get immediate access to the training at the top of this page.

If you watch the whole video through – at the very end you will be able to book a call with me, if you would be interested in getting coached in this method.

Ok that’s everything you need to know now.

See you in the training.


Karri Da Vinci

P.S.: Get instant access to the training at the top of this page.

P.S.S.: Summary:

1.According to mainstream medical consensus our immune systems cures large number if not the most of the cancers we get. ( This fact reads for example in the most popular medical textbook Dr Guyton textbook of medical physiology page 41 .)

2.In one study boosting immune system with new novel safe lifestyle method, boosted the cancer survival result more than 6 times – lowering the 3 year death rate of metastatic cancer patient from 25% to 0%.

3.I give free 30 minute training about this lifestyle method – explaining what it is – how it works – how its different and how you can best benefit from it.

After you watched the training and understood it – you may book a call with me, if you would like to apply for a proper online coaching in this method.

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