Health coach reveals the biggest cancer fighting mistake – that severely reduces the changes of winning cancer – according to studies

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Would you like to know the biggest mistake people make, when fighting against cancer, that severely reduces their changes of winning their cancers?

If the answer is YES, then read on.

So what is this biggest mistake people make when fighting against cancer?

Well the the mistake is simply;  not using their own immune system to fight against cancer effectively.

Why is this a mistake?

It is a mistake because according to doctors, immune system is a major cancer curer and cancer cell killer.

For example, the most popular medical textbook in medical schools, Dr Guytons Textbook of medical physiology, says in the cancer chapter page 41, that our immune system cures cancers we get often or maybe even usually.

This happens because your immune system sees the cancer cells in general as foreign and thereby attacks the cancer cells – and is often or even usually – able to eliminate cancers, before they grow to detectable sizes.

Then in case if your immune system isn’t strong enough to eliminate the cancer, it grows to detectable size, and now doctors will try in their turn to cure the cancer.

Even In this scenario, your immune system will still fight against the cancer and try to slow down its progress.

This fact that your immune systems fights against cancer cells and often eliminates the cancer before it becomes detectable size – means that according to doctors, our immune system might be even bigger curer of cancers than doctors themselves.

Now because your immune system is already a major or maybe even the biggest cancer cell killer and cancer curer according to doctors – and it already has the ability to kill cancer cells -safely and side effect free for you – Wouldn’t it then make sense pretty much in all cancer situations to boost your immune systems strength – in order to take maximal advantage of your immune systems proven innate natural cancer cell killing ability?

Well YES of course it would, you would say right.

But how could you boost your immune systems strength, so that it would have a meaningfully big and scientifically proven effect? 

Well glad you asked.

Some time ago I found a study were doctors used a new innovative natural lifestyle method to boost the immune systems of metastatic cancer patients.

The result of the study was that the group that boosted their immune system with this natural lifestyle method and activated their immune systems more strongly against cancer, had 0 % death rate – wheres the control group who did not use this method had 25 % death rate – during the 3 year study time. 

As a side benefit this natural lifestyle method also reduced the side effects from regular treatments and made the cancer patients feel a lot better overall both physically and mentally. It also removed the anxiety over bad treatment outcome, because patients started to believe they will win their serious metastatic cancers. 

This study result was actually the best ever achieved in cancer studies -and what’s especially exiting is that the method should work equally well in all cancer types – and that the method can be combined with all cancer treatments without any conflict. So the method could be used to boost cancer treatment results big time in almost all situation.

Which means that you could probably be able to use this method to boost your results big time as well.

Ok, so now you are probably salivating in anticipation to know what is this natural method – that was used to boost the immune system in the study?

YES YES YES you say.

Well lucky for you, I have made a 30 minute training video in which I reveal you what the immune boosting natural lifestyle method is and explain the basics how it works scientifically – and also tell you how you can best use the method to help you win your cancer.

Im qualified to teach the basics of this method to you, because I actually coach people with cancers in the use of this method through an online coaching program I run. So I have lot of experience about this method and therefore know what Im talking about in the training video.

You can gain free instant access to the 30 minute training video by clicking the red button on the top of the page and giving your first name and email.

You have to give your first name and email because I will send you additional videos which will give you more knowledge about this method. 

Ok thats it – Go watch the video now if you are interested.


Karri Da Vinci

Health Coach

P.S.: Top scientist and top doctors also acknowledge immune system as a great cancer cell killer.

For example they gave the prestigious Nobel prize of medicine in 2018 to one new super promising immunotherapy treatment.

The way this Nobel winning immunotherapy works, is that it just boosts the immune system and makes the immune system more likely to attack the cancer cells.

In essence, the Nobel winning therapy does the same thing that this natural lifestyle method does – they both just boost bodys existing cancer cell detecting and killing system – the immune system. And that seems to work super well.

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