Free training about a new method that lowered metastatic cancer 3 year death rate from 25% to 0% in one semi recent study

This method can be used to improve cancer results in almost any cancer situation – to improve cure rate or reduce recurrence rate or even alleviate treatment side effects – method is totally safe and side effect free

Hi , my name is Karri Da Vinci, I’m a breathing normalization coach who helps people to stop over-breathing.

A while back ago I found studies showing that all people with cancer over-breathe and that the more cancer patients over-breathe, the shorter survival times and survival rates they have.

Meaning over-breathing seems to make cancers much worse.

Then I found a study where oncologist cancer doctors tested what happens if you correct over-breathing in metastatic cancer patients. 

In the study they coached 67 cancer patients to lower their too high breathing volumes to normal and compared the results to 53 patients control group.

The result was that the group that normalized their breathing volumes had 0% 3 year death rate when the control group who kept over-breathing had a 25% death rate.

The study also found that patients who normalized their breathing stopped having anxiety over their cancer outcome – because they started to believe that they would win their cancers for certain. 

The patients who normalized their breathing also had major health and wellness improvements. Their edemas, allergies and various other secondary health issues got solved.. They also got better sleep , more energy, better physical and mental wellbeing’s. They also had less side effect from regular cancer treatments; chemo, radiation and drugs – treatments that both groups also used. The breathing normalizers also recovered from side effects faster and better.

All and all this study results seems to be best cancer study results ever – it had best ever survival improvement, which was also combined with reduction of side effects, plus big improvement in wellness of patients.

Now I happen to be an expert in the same breathing normalization method that the doctors used in the study.

And because of this very promising study evidence regarding cancers, Im now looking for a group of cancer patients who I would coach to reduce their breathing volumes from too high to normal to try to dramatically improve their cancer results just like in the study. 

If you are interested in getting coached in this method in oder to improve you results – then watch a free 35 minute video training that shows the aforementioned studies and explains why over-breathing is making cancers worse and why all cancer patients become over-breathers- it also explains why correcting over-breathing helps to improve cancer results.

Get instant access to this 35 minute video training by clicking the red button on top of this page that says “Yes I Want This” – and then giving you first name and email.

When you access the training you also get my free share more info about this method that did not fit to the video training plus also share case reports and testimonials from people who used this method while having cancers.

For example first week I share two case reports from two terminal brain tumor clients whose treatments had failed to stop the growth of the tumors(glioblastoma multiforme) then after 6 months in coaching when they got their MRI brain scans they had to tumors anymore and their doctors declared them cured.

Now why does correcting over-breathing seem to help to improve cancer results?

I explain this in depth in the video training, but in short, it works because over-breathing lowers immune system function and immune system fights against cancers quite effectively.

Doctors even believe currently that our immune systems cures cancers “often if not usually.” before they are even detectable size. ( quote from most popular medical textbook Quytons textbook of physiology latest edition page 41 cancer chapter ) 

This belief that immune system cures lot of cancers before they are detectable is supported by the fact that people taking immunosuppressive drugs get 5 times more cancers – due to their immune systems not eliminating their cancers in normal fashion.

This fact then that immune system fights against cancers potentially very effectively – means that correcting over-breathing which helps to improve immune system function – should help to improve cancer results even drastically.

And that exactly what seems to happen in studies.

Ok thats it now go watch the 35 minute video training by clicking the red button on top of the page.


Karri “Da Vinci” Koivula

Cancer Breathing Normalization Coach 

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