Potentially guaranteed solution how to fix CFS /ME in 4 months 

Semi new studies show that all CFS patients over-breathe and the more they over-breathe the more severe their CFS symptoms get

Also in one study CFS went way from all patients in a few months – when they quit over-breathing with the help of a breathing normalization coach

Hi, my name is Karri Da Vinci, I am a breathing normalization coach who helps people to stop over-breathing.

A while back ago, I found studies showing that all people with CFS & ME over-breathe and that the more they over-breathe, the worse their symptoms get.

Then I also found a study were correcting over-breathing from 15 CFS patients by coaching them to lower their breathing volumes from too high to normal – resulted in a quick major reduction in symptoms – in a few months patients had 80 % reduction in fatigue and 60% reduction in pain and then in a few more months the patients had a total reduction in symptoms and become totally symptomless – their CFS & ME issues went away basically.

This means that initial evidence suggest that one can experience CFS symptoms only if one over-breathes.

Because of this study evidence, I am now looking for a group of CFS & ME patients who I would coach to reduce their breathing volumes from too high to normal – to see if that is really able to make CFS &ME totally symptomles.

I charge my regular breathing normalization coaching fee from this coaching – but only if it works to make the CFS & ME go away and become symptomless.

This means that you basically have a change to get rid of this issue once and for all and with zero financial risk – since you pay only for results.

If you are interested, click the red button on top of this page that says “I Want This Now” to watch a 30 minute free video training that shows the aforementioned studies that show CFS patients over-breathe and get worst symptoms when they over-breathe the most and the they get symptomless when they normalize their too high breathing volumes.

In the video training I also and explains why all CFS patients become over-breathers and how this over-breathing can cause CFS possibly.

When you access the video you also get my free email newsletter where you learn more info about breathing normalization and CFS that didn’t fit the video training.

Once you watched the video training and understand the basics you can contact me to book a video call with me – to qualify joining the coaching group.

The coaching is 4 months. 

In first 1-2 month you will see if it works – if it doesn’t work you stop and get your money back.

if it works you will continue the whole 4 months.

The coaching costs quite a bit, but considering that CFS probably costs probably on average over a million in lost job revenues over ones lifetime, the coaching is probably one of the best investments one could ever make – even without counting the non monetary benefits of being able to enjoy normal life.

Ok, go get access to the video training by clicking the red “I Want This Now button” on top of the page.


Karri Da Vinci 

Breathing Normalization Coach 

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