New guaranteed way how to potentially ease cystic fibrosis dramatically 

Hi I’m Karri Da Vinci Im a wellness coach specializing in breathing normalization.

A while back I found studies showing that all people with cystic fibrosis over-breathe.

And also studies showing that the more people over-breathe the worse their cystic fibrosis symptoms get.

Because of that I’m looking for people to coach to fix their over-breathing by lowering their breathing volume to normal level to see if that would help to reduce cystic fibrosis symptoms.

Why does over-breathing make cystic fibrosis worse?

Over-breathing as weird as it sounds lowers cellular oxygenation.

This happens because blowing out too much carbon dioxide during over-breathing causes vasoconstriction in the blood vessels which then lowers the amount blood and therefore oxygen that get to the cells.

Due to this effect, in medical books it says that 1 minute voluntarily breathing as much as possible, lowers brain oxygenation by 40%. This effect explains why people breathing extremely rapidly during panic attack or filling up a big air balloon, sometimes even faint. 

Now having a lowered oxygen levels due to constant moderate over-breathing is a problem in cystic fibrosis, because it has been shown in multiple human and also animal studies, that low oxygen levels in tissues cause diminished expression of the CTFR gene.

The CTFR genes bad function due to genetic mutations is the cause of cystic fibrosis. Badly working CTFR gene causes body to not be able to properly control mucus thickness, causing mucus to become abnormally thick and because of that start to harbor too much bad bacteria – thereby causing inflammation and eventual fibrosis. 

This means that cystic fibrosis patients who over-breathe the most, have due to the reduced expression of the CTFR gene – the thickest mucus and thus most bad bacteria and inflammation and thus most fibrosis.

And the cystic fibrosis patients who over-breathe the least or maybe even breath normally, have the most amount of CTFR gene expression and thus have the least thick mucus and thus have least issues from their cystic fibrosis.

This matters greatly because in studies all cystic fibrosis patients over-breathe.

Not one of them has a normal breathing volume – so theoretically all cystic fibrosis patients could benefit from fixing their over-breathing.

Thats why Im looking for cystic fibrosis patients who have symptoms that drugs haven’t been able to correct – to try to see what happens it they lower their abnormally high breathing volumes to medically normal breathing volumes.

In theory it should help since it does affect the CTFR gene expression and CTRF genes diminished function is the cause of cystic fibrosis.

But to what degree normal breathing helps cystic fibrosis is unknown.

There is anecdotal evidence that might suggest what results could be in best case scenario.

This anecdotal evidence comes from doctors. The first doctors who realized that over-breathing makes cystic fibrosis worse were doctor in soviet union. They also tested what happens when you fix the over-breathing and coach the patients to breath normally. The result that they claimed – was that cf patient became asymptomatic and had normal lifespans.

Now unfortunately they didn’t do proper rigorous studies about it, so this is considered anecdotal evidence.

This is why to be very fair – I give my coaching with 100% result satisfaction guarantee. Meaning if you are not delighted by the results you get – I give your money back. 

If you are interested this kind of results guaranteed coaching – watch a 35 minute free video training about breathing normalization and Cystic fibrosis . it explains how over-breathing can lower oxygen levels and it show the studies in which low oxygen levels diminish the CFRTR gene expression.

Once you watched the video training you may contact me to qualify for the coaching group.

Once you access the video you also get my email newsletter which gives more info about cystic fibrosis and breathing normalization that didn’t fit the 35 minute video training.

Coaching is 4 months. If you don’t get major improvements after 1-2 months we stop the coaching and I pay your money back. If it seems to help a lot we’ll continue the 4 months and after that even longer if you have the budget for it.


Karri Da Vinci 

Breathing normalization coach 

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