Weight loss coach reveals the secret to fastest least effortful most permanent weight loss

– How its more about breathing right than eating right

Today weight loss is hard for most people.

And worse yet weight loss results rarely last – as even up to 95% of people fail to maintain their weight loss for longer term.

But weight loss didn’t use to be as hard.

Excess weight is in fact a new problem – in the past people where slim even without adhering to any specific diets and even when sometimes eating quite a bit of fat and sugar as well.

Hi, I’m Karri Da Vinci I am a weight loss coach.

I happen to know the secret that kept people slim in the past effortlessly while eating plenty of delicious foods.

This secret is also the key to fast, least effortful, hunger free and most permanent weight loss.

Im currently looking for weight loss clients to solve their weight issues once and for all with the help of this secret.

If you are interested the read on.

Ultimate secret to weight loss revealed

So what is this ultimate weight-loss secret that solves the weight issues once and for all?

The secret is, that weight loss is about breathing right – even more than about eating right.

Sound totally crazy, but its not – let me explain.

So basically if you boil it down to basics, the core reason we gain too much fat is we eat too much.

And obviously hunger or lack of satiety, is the thing that causes us to eat too much. 

Then the question is, why do we experience too much hunger or lack of satiety that leads us to overeat?

To answer that, we must start by asking, what’s the ultimate purpose of hunger and eating?

Well the ultimate purpose of hunger and eating, is to feed our bodies trillions of cells with energy – right.

And here we find the issue.

The issue is that food is not directly energy to the cells.

Food must be burned with oxygen in order to turn it to energy that feeds the cells.

This means that if cells don’t get enough oxygen in to them, they won’t get energy from the foods properly – and they remain in a sort of starvation state and body still keeps the hunger signals up – making a person to eat too much and gain excess fat.

And that’s exactly what is the root cause of weight issues. The lack of adequate oxygen in the cells. 

Ok, so why do we have this lack of oxygen in the cells then?

We have it because of our industrialized lifestyle.

The main effect from industrialized lifestyle is that it makes us over-breathe.

And it is this over breathing then that paradoxically lowers our cell oxygen levels.

Thats sounds crazy at first, but it’s an indisputable medical fact.

In medical books It says that in tests when a person voluntary breathes as much as they can for a minute, their brain oxygen levels will be reduced by about 40%. This reduction of cell oxygen happens because over breathing causes us to breathe out too much carbon dioxide and this loss of carbon dioxide causes vasoconstriction in blood vessels – which then reduces the amount of blood that goes in to cells and therefore also the amount of oxygen that gets in to the cells.

This effect is btw the reason why people may even faint when they breath extremely hard like during panic attacks or trying to fill up a big balloon with air – as during extremely high over breathing in those situations our brain cells might get so little oxygen that we loose our consciousness.

Now the problem we have in relation to weight gain and weigh loss – is that we automatically over breathe moderately all the time.

This moderate over breathing keeps our cells in slight oxygen and energy deficit all the time. This slight energy deficit then keeps the hunger signals elevated slightly and makes us overeat and gain excess fat weight and also makes weight loss very hard and not long lasting – especially if we are surrounded by abundance of high caloric foods, like we are in industrialized countries.

Genes also affect a lot.

This is because almost everybody over breathes in industrialized countries, but some lucky people still remain slim just eating anything they want as much as they want. This is because due to genes, their bodies don’t respond to cellular oxygen deficit by increased hunger.

Most of us aren’t as lucky, which is why majority is overweight in industrialized countries and almost all have very hard time loosing weight and keeping it of.

Ultimate weight loss solution

Fortunately there is a solution that makes weight los faster easier and more permanent.

This solution is breathing normalization with the help of a coach.

When you normalize your breathing volume with the help of a coach, you get rid of the excess hunger and the excess weight just start to fly off fast automatically – and it is also easy peasy to keep the weight off and maintain ideal weight long term.

Normal breathing that maximizes you cellular oxygenation and energy levels will also give you faster metabolism and much more energy and better general health and hormonal profile as well – which all together help to make the weight loss even easier and also help you get better more healthy and attractive fat distribution. Hour class shape instead of apple shape.

Now because I have found that the breathing normalization is the smartest way to loose weight – I’m looking for a group of smart weight loss coaching clients who I would help to solve their weight issues with the help of breathing normalization.

If you would interested in using this breathing normalization method to solve you weight issues once and for all – then get instant access to free 35 minute video training called ” Secrets of how to loose weight fast by breathing less” by clicking red button top of the page were it says ” Yes, I Want This”

In this video training I explain the basics of this breathing normalization method that you need to know before being able to use using this method. I show studies that prove over breathing lowers cell oxygen levels and I explain why that happens and I explain why modern lifestyle causes us to over breathe.

When you access the video training you also get my free email newsletter that gives you more info about weight loss and breathing normalization that did not fit in the 35 minute video training.

Ok that’s it go watch the video training now if interested.


Karri “Da Vinci” Koivula

Breathing normalization weigh loss coach

P.S.: Btw- if you say that this is utter rubbish nonsense – breathing simply cannot have anything to do with weight loss.

Well remember, you actually loose the weight from your body by breathing it out .

The weight that you loose when you burn fat comes out of your body through breathing as carbon dioxide molecules.

So breathing is in fact closely related to the very essence of weight loss – i.e. getting mass out of your body.

However more breathing won’t make you loose weight faster – in fact the opposite – because ultimately its all about hunger and satiety and not eating too much.

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