Weight loss coach reveals the biggest weigh loss mistake – that prevents people getting faster, easier and more permanent weight loss results

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Secrets how to get into “perfect weight loss bodystate that makes weight loss easier, faster and more permanent

Would you like to know what is the biggest weight loss mistake people make? That makes weight loss harder , slower and a long term failure.

If YES, then read on. 

In short, the single biggest mistake that people make in weight loss – is that they don’t have their bodies in the “perfect weight loss body state”

As you probably have witnessed, some few lucky people loose weight almost effortlessly and maintain ideal weight near automatically – while at the same time, most people tend to struggle to loose weight and keep it of.

Studies say currently that 95% of people, who try to loose weight, fail to loose weight longer term and instead just end up gaining more weight – as a reward for their weight loss efforts.

Why is that? Why some people have it easy, while most struggle and also fail to loose weight longer term – no matter what method of weight-loss they use?

Well, I have found the answer.

Hi my name is Karri Da Vinci, Im a online weight loss coach who has studied the root cause of weight gain – in order to better help my clients to succeed.

Through studying this issue, I have found the answer why some people loose weight easily and keep it of.

The reason is that the people who succeed easily, already have their bodies naturally in a so called “ Perfect weight loss body state” – a state where their bodies actively push them to their ideal weights.

And on the other hand, the reason why most people struggle to loose weight and keep it of – is that their bodies are NOT, in this “Perfect weigh-loss bodystate.

When people who are NOT in this “ Perfect weight loss body state” try to loose weight – by eating less and working out more or using other commonly used weight loss methods – the weight-loss is a struggle and slow process and weight sticks stubbornly to problem area like belly fat area.

Also when the body is not in this perfect weight loss bodystate – the weight almost always comes back later with interest.

This regaining of original weight and more happens, because NOT being in “Perfect weight loss state” causes over-hunger – which leads to overeating and weight gain.

The problem is, that just losing weight doesn’t remove this over-hunger, and because of this, after the acute diet phase, people who are NOT in perfect weight loss bodystate start automatically to overeat and thus eat themselves fatter again.

Then if you fight the hunger with extreme discipline, then the body lowers the metabolic rate to compensate, which makes the weight eventually to go up again. 

This explains why 95 % fail to loose weight and keep it of longer term.

Now if these people who struggle with weight loss, on the other hand, would put themselves first in the “Perfect weight loss state.” 

Then their weigh-loss results would come easier and faster – just like the results come to those people who never struggle to loose weight or keep it of.

The results would also be permanent, just like the results are permanent to those lucky few people who don’t struggle with their weight.

So what this all basically means, is that the ultimate secret to easiest and the fastest permanent weigt loss – is to put your body first in to this “perfect weight loss bodystate”. 

That way getting results is like biking downhill instead of uphill.

Ok, so now you are probably salivating to know what exactly is this “Perfect weight loss bodystate” and how to get your body in to this state.

YES YES YES, you say.

Well lucky for you, I have made a free training webinar that reveals you exactly what this state is and how to get in to this state. 

This training webinar explains scientifically how this “perfect weight loss bodystate” works and how it really is able to make weight loss faster, easier and more permanent also.

The webinar also explains how this “perfect weight loss state” will also improve the bodys hormonal balance, so the weight loss comes more from problem areas, giving more attractive body shape and appearance.

The webinar also explains why this “perfect weight loss bodystate” puts you in perfect health bodystate as well – where you sleep better, have more energy and get better general health and wellbeing and also get a nice anti aging transformation as well.

You can get instant access to the webinar video by pressing the red button on the top of this page and then by giving your first name and email.You have to give your first name and email because I will send you more additional information about this method and the amazing ways it can benefit you.

Also, when you have watched the webinar and understood how the method works – you get an opportunity to apply to “ Perfect weigh-loss bodystate” coaching group.

Its a weight loss coaching group where I help people to loose weight fast and get their weigh issues handled once and for all – by utilizing this Perfect weigh-loss bodystate method.

Ok thats it – see you in the training webinar.


Karri Da Vinci 

Perfect Weight Loss Bodystate Coach 

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