Karri “Da Vinci” Koivula is a online wellness coach living in Finland.

He is an expert in cell energy wellness.

In Finland he is also best-selling author of ” Eroon Kivuista” ie. “Get Rid of Pain”  book series .

Book series reveals a doctor invented fast method of getting rid of back pain, hip & knee pain, shoulder pain, and other common pain problems – it has become a bestseller in Finland.

Karri found the method by going to medical universitys medical library to read the pain section – in order to relief his bad chronic back pain.

In the pain section Karri found a medical book that revealed a new reason what is the cause of back pain in most cases – and a way how to fix it quick.

Karri followed the advice and got rid of back pain fast.

Then in order to get the message out of this method, he wrote simplified easier to use book about it, which became bestseller in Finland.

After that first discovery, Karri has discovered many super good methods invented by doctors that are not being actively used because they cannot be used in context of doctors profession – they cannot be used by doctors because they are lifestyle change techniques and therefore can only be used by the end users themselves.

Karris passion is to help people utilize these doctor invented lifestyle techniques.

Karri was named after world famous actor Carey Grant and chess champion Garri Kasparov.

“Da Vinci” is a nickname he got as a child because of his talent in drawing and painting.